Best Meta Skill Moves in EA FC 24

Skill moves in EA FC 24 can give players an extra advantage over their opponents. Circling the defender in a clever way can be not only effective but also pretty and not difficult at all. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best meta skill moves in EA FC 24.

We have gathered the most effective and easiest moves that we use and recommend. A player who masters and learns these tricks will win much more often. We are sure you will find the following list of meta skill moves useful.

EA FC 24: Best Meta Skill Moves

Of course, to create a show in a football match, you need a player with the highest skill moves score, but not everyone is blessed with that. A player’s card can have anywhere from 1 to 5 Skill Moves stars. That’s why in this list we’re going to look at the moves that suit everyone, from a regular defender to a technical winger. We will start this list with the simpler skill moves and then move on to those that can be performed by more advanced players. Let’s have a look:

Ball Roll (2-Star Skill Move)

Everyone knows this move, and there is a good reason. The Ball Roll is not a fancy move, but it is one of the most effective. It allows you to roll the ball in any direction, giving you a better angle for a pass or a shot on goal. This is how it is performed:

  • PS and Xbox: Hold RS right/left

Body Feint (2-Star Skill Move)

This is a common body movement, but it is extremely effective in this part of the football simulator. The best moment to use the Body Feint is when you see a defender approaching your player, and you need to change direction to avoid losing the ball. Here is how it is performed:

  • PS and Xbox: Flick RS right/left

Roulette (3-Star Skill Move)

The Zidane flick, familiar to everyone from previous instalments, remains incredibly useful. This move is particularly effective after the swing. All you have to do is press the shot button and perform the Roulette trick before the animation ends. This will confuse your opponent and give you a chance to score. Here’s how it is done:

  • PS and Xbox: Roll RS from the bottom and anti-clockwise to left or right

Ball Roll Drag (4-Star Skill Move)

One of the most popular moves in all parts of FIFA is the Ball Roll we mentioned above, but it now has several new variations. One of them is Ball Roll Drag, a skill move that can be used to cut off an opponent, for example when you are on the edge of the box. We use it in almost every game and recommend it to you. Here’s how you can do this:

  • PS: Hold L1 + flick RS forward, Left/Right
  • Xbox: Hold LB + flick RS forward, Left/Right

Reverse Elastico (5-Star Skill Move)

The most technical players should have this move in their arsenal. The Reverse Elastico is perfect for opening up space and surprising your opponent, which will take your game to another level. This is how to do it:

  • PS and XBOX: Roll RS from left anti-clockwise to right

La Croqueta (4-Star Skill Move)

La Croqueta is an elegant move that leaves your opponent behind. This move is useful when you are surrounded by the opponent’s players and want to get out of the situation quickly. We usually use it to take out a player who is moving in our direction. Here’s how to perform this move, which will turn you into a second Iniesta:

  • PS: Hold L1 and use the right analog stick to move left or right
  • Xbox: Hold LB and use the right analog stick to move left or right

Flair Rainbow (5-Star Skill Move)

This is a new move added to EA FC 24. The incredibly elegant and effective Flair Rainbow lets you throw the ball into the air, catching your opponents off guard. Kicks in the air are still very effective, which is why you should use this skill move. Here’s how to perform this combination:

  • PS: Hold L1 + R1 + Flick RS Direction
  • Xbox: Hold LB + RB + Flick RT Direction

Fake Rabona (5-Star Skill Move)

This is an advanced fake shot that will send your opponent flying over the edge of the pitch. Stopping the ball elegantly at speed can be very effective on the side of the penalty area, and you can then easily provide an assist. Here’s how to do it:

  • PS: Hold L1+Square or Circle then X+LS down
  • Xbox: Hold LB+X or B then A+LS down

We hope you have found this guide useful and that you are fine with mastering these moves. Thanks to these skill moves, your skill level will increase significantly, and you will enjoy victories.

EA FC 24 is available now on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Android, and Microsoft Windows.

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