Best Way to Farm Deralium in Lords of the Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, you have the opportunity to significantly improve your weapons by increasing their damage if you use Gerlinde the Blacksmith. However, you need to have enough resources to make the upgrades, so in this guide, we’ll show you the best way to farm Deralium in Lords of the Fallen.

In the game, the Deralium resource is divided into different sizes, and during our almost 100 hours of gameplay, we found a bunch of small fragments effortlessly, while larger fragments could be easily obtained only in certain places. Follow our guide to learn the best farming spots for Deralium fragments of all possible sizes in Lords of The Fallen.

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Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Delarium Fragments

Lords of the Fallen: statue

After you unlock Gerlinde the Blacksmith by freeing her before fighting Mistress of Hounds, you will also need different Deralium fragments for different upgrades besides Vigor. Depending on which size you need, it may be more or less difficult to find. So to get to our main point, below are the best ways to look for each size of Deralium.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Small Delarium Fragments

Lords of the Fallen: Small Delarium Fragments

The small Delarium fragments that you need to upgrade your weapon to +2 are straightforward to find in the early game. You can find them literally everywhere, from picking up the ones lying on the ground to the ones that drop from enemies you kill. At some point, you may even run into the problem of having so many small fragments that you can’t find any use for them.

However, if you do find yourself out of this resource, you can easily buy 10 fragments for 500 Vigor from an NPC named Tehk-Ihir, and even if you don’t have enough currency, you can bargain with him to get the price down. You will first encounter this character outside of Skybridge during the game, and we recommend interacting with him every time you meet him, as he has his own storyline and will eventually end up in the Hub.

Lords of the Fallen: How to Get Regular Delarium Fragments

Lords of the Fallen: Regular Delarium Fragments

As you progress in the storyline and Tehk-Ihir appears in the Hub, he will start selling Regular Delarium fragments, namely 10 pieces for 800 Vigor. For many players, this may be quite enough, as you only need 7 chunks to upgrade your weapon to +5, to be exact. Nevertheless, you will receive significantly more Regular Delarium even before you unlock it in Tehk-Ihir when it appears in the hub. For example, you can find the amount you need to upgrade if you search the following locations:

  • Vestige of Valade: If you come to this checkpoint after Pilgrim’s Perch while exploring the Forsaken Fen area, you will need to head into the cave. Make sure you’ve switched to the Umbral world, as there will be a ladder of bones further on your path that will only be accessible in this dimension. As soon as you climb up, you’ll see a few crates next to you, one of which will contain the first Regular Delarium fragment.
  • Fitzroy’s Gorge: In this area, you can find 6 more Regular Fragments. Start your journey at the Vestige of the Pale Butcher, then follow the main path to the Gorge. When you come to a fork in the road, you’ll need to turn left and keep going until you see a fight between two factions. We recommend that you ignore it and instead run through it, straight to the battle with the Crimson Rector Percival boss. After you kill him, you will see a chest with loot. Just on the left of this chest, you will find two Regular Delarium nuggets. In addition, there is a shortcut elevator to the Skyrest Bridge in this area, and when you take it, there will be two more Regular Delarium fragments on the floor near the elevator exit. Also, you can find two more pieces in the Fitzroy’s Gorge area if you turn right at the aforesaid junction. Simply follow the path down the valley, fighting off a fair amount of enemies along the way, to reach the cave. When you’re there, you’ll need to be in the Umbral world or pull out a lamp to be able to pass the gate to the cave. Once you’re inside, almost at the very beginning of the cave, you’ll be able to find the last fragments that will be lying just on the ground.

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Lords of the Fallen is available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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