CS2 Dust 2 Best Smokes Guide – Counter-Strike 2

In Counter-Strike, Dust 2 is one of the most popular maps, and knowing how to use smoke grenades effectively can give your team a significant advantage. In this guide, we will provide you with the best smokes guide for the Dust 2 map in Counter-Strike 2.

To gain a tactical advantage over your opponent, it is essential to use smokes correctly to maintain control of the map. Below we will provide you with full information about the smokes on each plant, how to block important passages, and how to dominate your opponents with their help.

Counter-Strike 2 Best Smokes on A Site

First, let’s analyze the smokes used for A Side:


These variations block the passage that CTs see from their spawn or short. Use these two lineups to successfully penetrate A Side:

A-Cross Lineup I

From T-Spawn to Long, approach the taxi and climb up to the first level of crates in the corner.

Aim for the palm leaf growing near the box, move the crosshair to the right and lift it up a bit, then jump and throw the smoke.

A-Cross Lineup II

This is a quicker way to cover the passage with smoke while attacking A Plant. Approach the corner without entering on the long, aim for the cord left of the antenna and step back.

Run and throw a smoke so that your target is directly on the cord, this will block the passage for CTs during your rush.

A-Cross Lineup III

This fake smoke will fool the enemy into thinking that your team is attacking the A Plant, while you are already approaching the B Side. Stand on the tiles on A Spawn as shown in the image and look for the antenna on the edge of the building above. 

Align your crosshairs so that they are horizontal to the top of the antenna and vertical to the edge of the building, creating an imaginary line, and aim exactly between them. Take a step forward and throw the smoke in a jump to cover the passage on the long.

Cat & Short

This simple smoke will block the view of an opponent standing on A Side and is useful for several reasons. Here’s how to do it:

A Short Lineup

Stand in the corner of the box in front of the stairs and aim at the stain just below the tiles. 

This smoke will break the line of sight from any position, it will block Molotov, and you will be able to see your opponent on A Plant by simply boosting by teammate on the box.

A Long

These spreads will be useful for those who directly attack the long and want to cover the most important positions with smoke, namely a car and exit of the Box. Let’s analyse them:

Long Corner Lineup I

Go to the second wall on A Spawn and aim for the lower pipe mount.

Jump up and throw the grenade so that it clearly covers the corner at the exit of the Box.

Long Corner Lineup II

Once in the Box, lean into the corner of the crates and aim at the corner of the box as shown in the screenshot. 

Jump up and throw the smoke grenade, it will ricochet and land on the corner of the Box exit.

Counter-Strike 2: B Site

Now that we’ve finished with A Plant, let’s move on to a B Plant. If you use these scattered in a coordinated manner, your team will be able to block the door and window leading to B Plant. Let’s take a look at them:

Door Lineup

When you enter the upper tunnel, lean against the crate as shown. 

Aim above the corner of the board and the pillar and make a standard left-click throw. This is ultimately the most important of the smokes used on the B side.

Window Lineup I

Cover the window to make it even harder for support to come to aid. Before entering the tunnel, look for the blue spot on the ground and stand on it.

Aim at the top of the wall as shown in the screenshot and jump to throw smoke to block the window.

Window Lineup II

If you are on the middle while your team is attacking B and you see one of the CTs moving towards from spawn, use this smoke. Stand in the middle of the pillar at the start of the short and aim for the outermost pillar on the building on the left. 

Jump and throw the smoke that will block the window on the B Plant.

XBOX Smokes

There are two ways to block the middle and short passage, let’s take a look at them:

XBOX Lineup I

While on T Spawn, stand near the fence as shown in the picture above.

Aim for the corner of the building opposite and throw a smoke grenade in a jump. This will make the smoke disperse exactly on the box, blocking the opponent’s view of the middle.

XBOX Lineup II

Before reaching the Box, lean against the pillar between the crates and the car, as shown in the picture above.

To the left of the Box, aim a little to the right of the window and jump to throw smoke to block the XBOX in the middle.

Counter-Strike 2 is available now on PC.

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