How To Complete Waiting for Dodger in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Gamers have already enjoyed the quests of the new DLC and realized how difficult they can be, but fortunately Waiting for Dodger is not on this list. This Gig is not like the others because the essence of the task is to rescue 2 cops who have been caught by gangsters. So next, we will show you how to complete Waiting for Dodger Cyberpunk in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. This task will become available to you after the Spider and the Fly mission and will appear on the map as a green marker that you can visit. Follow our instructions to learn how to complete this Gig and what choices you need to make.

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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty – How To Complete Waiting for Dodger

Cyberpunk 2077: Stella

So, the first thing you need to do is get to the right area to activate the mission and find out your main task. Luckily, this is not difficult because you can easily find the desired location of the quest giver on the mini-map. The best way to get there is to move to the Grand Imperial Mall fast travel point. Not far from there, you can find the former NCPD station and the car with Stella sitting inside.

To start the mission, you have to get into her car. Stella will tell you about the main events that happened here and what you need to do. As it turned out, two NCPD cops were attacked by gangsters and are now trapped inside the building. One of them, Bill, her fiancé, and Charlie need your help because they failed in their operation and are now under attack by Dodger’s guys. After telling you all this, she will give you an access card and you can start the mission.

How To Find Charlie and Bill

Cyberpunk 2077: Bill

So, the first thing you need to do is sneak into the building that is right next to the car you were just in. Of course, you can use stealth, but we recommend running in there and aggressively killing all the enemies, given that they are quite weak. Once you’ve done that and cleared the two main rooms on the ground floor, head to the end of the building, as you’ll find an elevator to the basement on the left.

After taking the elevator and going down, the first thing you’ll see when you start exploring the area is an enemy trying to get through the locked door where Charlie and Bill are. There’s nothing complicated here, just kill him and talk to Charlie through the locked door. After a few phrases, you will assure Charlie that you have come to the rescue and can help him open the door.

When you do, you will see both cops and talk to them, so you will have a rather long dialog about what happened. As it turns out, the operation was disrupted by some idiot who ate all the drugs they brought and then died because the bag broke. Regardless, the operation is a failure, so you’ll need to help them get out of here. 

Leave the Building With Bill and Charlie

Cyberpunk 2077: Bill and Charlie

So, now that you’ve found Bill and Charlie and helped them fight off the enemies, the last thing to do is to leave the building. The only problem is that the guys came here in their patrol car, and now they need to take it back. This may be a problem, but not for you. After finishing the conversation, follow them to the stairwell that will lead you to a door and one enemy behind it.

When you deal with the enemy, your next problem will be a locked double metal door that you will need to open and there are two options on how to do it, namely:

  • By force: If you’ve invested enough points in the Body, you can kick the door open.
  • Turn off the electricity supply: If you look closely, you’ll notice a red wire running from the door to another room. This is the server room, and here you can cut the power to open the door.

After you open the door and go through a linear path, killing several enemies, you will finally get to the parking lot where the car is located. You may think that you have almost completed the task, but no because as soon as you approach the car, Dodger will appear in the parking lot and demand an explanation of the situation. So, there are two options for how the situation can develop, namely:

  • Fight: When it’s your turn to talk to Dodger, you’ll have 3 options for dialog. If you say that the cops are telling the truth or pull out a weapon, it will automatically initiate a fight between you and Dodger with his gangsters. This is a good option, especially since the opponents are weak, and you can get the powerful Roscoe revolver from Dodger’s corpse.
  • You will be released: If you choose the dialog option in which you say that the cops are lying, he will appreciate your humor and let everyone just leave.

So, no matter which option you choose, after Bill and Charlie get in the car and drive away, the mission is complete.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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