How to Dance in Team Fortress 2

A variety of character emotes, now actively used in all online games (for example, in Fortnite), began to be popularized since the development of the second part of Valve’s online shooter. Let’s take a look at how to dance in Team Fortress 2 if you want to impress your teammates. Usually this action is performed at the spawn point.

How to Dance in Team Fortress 2

If there is already a user nearby who has launched this animation, just go up to him and then press the G button to start Dancing in Team Fortress 2. A kind of dance will start, depending on the settings you have set. Pair dancing works in a similar way when several people synchronize their actions by activating the corresponding trigger.

It is recommended to purchase the Kong taunt, which will add variety to this. The G key works by default, but in the settings you can set the custom option you are interested in.

There is no practical need for Team Fortress 2 dancing. Unlike MMORPGs, where such dances can impose a variety of effects, here it all comes down to aesthetics.

In the section where taunts are displayed, various elements of movements and their aspects are flexibly configured. The abundance of cosmetic animations make each character unique and stand out from the other players on the team.

That is all about dancing in Team Fortress 2.

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