How to Enter the NASA Launch Tower Base in Starfield

Starfield is truly a one of a kind game. It is filled to the brim with content despite its huge size. Among many things, it even features a mission on Earth. And in this guide, we’ll tell you how to enter the NASA launch tower base in Starfield.

You will get to visit Earth and enter the NASA launch tower base as part of the Unearthed mission. This is how you get inside.

Starfield: How to the NASA Launch Tower

After picking up some slates at the Nova Galactic research station on the Earth’s Moon, you’ll be making your way to Earth. When you land, you’ll see that the Earth is barren and covered in sand. Once you’re there, make your way northeast, to the NASA launch tower base.

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To enter, follow these directions:

  • First, go to the right side of the building and climb up a pipe.
Starfield: Pipe on the building
  • You will see a power cell laying on the ground. Pick it up, as it’ll prove useful later. 
Starfield: A power cell
  • Walk across a small bridge and you will see a door. Look to the right, and you’ll see a set of stairs leading up to some blue containers. 
  • Walk up these stairs, then go to the top of the blue containers and jump over a small fence onto a platform.
  • You will see that the platform has a gap and another set of stairs behind it. Jump over the gap and walk up those stairs. 
Starfield: Stairs
  • Keep walking along the platform until you see another gap. You can also take a right turn here to find a bit of loot. Jump over the gap. 
Starfield: Jump over the gap
  • From there on, keep following the path. There won’t be any turns, so it’s hard to get lost here. You’ll walk up two sets of stairs to another floor. 
Starfield: elevator door
  • It’s quite simple from here. Just follow the objective marker, and you’ll get to an elevator door.
  • You’ll notice that the elevator door requires power to open. Look behind you, and you’ll see a door. Walk in, and you’ll see some storage boxes and a power receptacle to the right of the door. Put the power cell you’ve found earlier into the receptacle.
  • Go back to the elevator and enter.

And there you go, this is how you enter the NASA launch tower base in Starfield.

Starfield is available now on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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