How to Get Mulch in Fae Farm

Mulch is one of the fertilisers you can use in your own garden for the growth of flowers. So this guide will explain how to get Mulch in Fae Farm.

You can’t grow flowers in a simple garden bed, so for this, you need a special flower bed. To make one, you will need Mulch, a Copper Shovel and a few other resources. Below, you will learn where to find Mulch.

Fae Farm: Where to Find Mulch

There are many resources that you can collect while travelling the map. But Mulch is quite rare, which is why it can only be found in certain places. To collect Mulch you will need a Shovel, without which you will not be able to dig up the resource. Take the tool and head to Spooky Woods. If the game’s colour filter changes to a more sombre one when you arrive at the location, it means you are in the right place. Mulch is usually found in clumps of fog. Dig it out quickly as the poisonous mist can harm you.

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How to Use Mulch

Mulch Location in Fae Farm

You will need it to make a flower bed for the quest at the beginning of the game. You can make it with Mulch, Oak Trunk and Silt. It can also be used as a fertiliser in conjunction with Frog Sweat and Ammonite per bag.

Fae Farm is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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