How To Get Spellmight Gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you consider yourself a fan of Baldur’s Gate 3, then you definitely need these gloves. The thing is, this is a very rare item that was obtained by a minimal percentage of gamers, so if you want to stand out, this is exactly what you need. Next, you will learn how to get Spellmight Gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The reason for the hype around the gloves is that you’ll only have one chance to get them, and that’s when the traveling circus stops near Rivington. Below, we’ll describe what you need to do to get them.

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BG3: How To Get Spellmight Gloves

As we mentioned above, the main events will take place in a traveling circus that stopped near Rivington, here are the coordinates: X:-65, Y:-75. Once you arrive here, you will have many opportunities to have fun, as well as get a variety of items, especially the Band of the Mystic Scoundrel by tricking Akabi. There are two ways to get the gloves:

  • Complete the Find Dribbles The Clown quest and get them as a reward.
  • Steal them from an NPC.

We recommend choosing the second method, as completing the quest can take a lot of time, and the traveling circus will not stand still for long. If you want to complete the quest, you’ll need to find the clown and his remains throughout the city, but if you want to quickly get the Spellmight Gloves and continue interacting with representatives of the circus, here’s what you need to do:

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  • Go to the location where the traveling circus is located.
  • Look closely at the characters and find Lucretious among them.
  • Choose the character with the best pickpocketing skill and cast Invisibility on him.
  • Approach Lucretious and steal the Spellmight Gloves and other items as desired.

That’s it, you’ll get an incredibly rare item for saving time and effort, good luck!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available now for PC and Playstation 5.

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