How to Make Vasco Stop Following you in Starfield

The cute robot Vasco will accompany you from the beginning of the game. The robot is designed to cover long distances and is equipped with systems that help it carry heavy loads, but sometimes he can still annoy you by just following all the time. Therefore, next, you will learn how to make Vasco stop following you in Starfield.

This is a really unpleasant case, especially during a battle when the robot goes into a crossfire. To avoid this, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps that we’ll describe below.

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Starfield: How to Make Vasco Stop Following You

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Vasco is one of the first companions to accompany you, but the mechanics of his movement are sometimes reallyt absurd that some players don’t want to have anything to do with him. This problem is quite easy to solve, and there are three main ways to do it, namely:

  • Go to the front of the ship: This way, he will just stay near the spaceship, and you will be able to continue traveling unhindered.
  • Change to another companion: When you complete the main mission of clearing the outpost of raiders, you will be able to complete the main quest, during which you will have the option to change Vasco to someone else.
  • Fast Travel: You can cheat the system by using fast travel from ship to landmark. This way you will get rid of Vasco’s annoying presence.

By following these recommendations, you’ll get rid of the annoying robot in Starfield that’s always blocking your way. 

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