How to Move to Another Island in Floodland

Initially, you develop on a relatively small piece of land, and then the question arises: how to get to another island in Floodland? This is necessary in a situation where you have completed all the tasks in the existing location and want to develop your colony further. There will be new clans to interact with. Follow our guide to get more information.

How to Get to Another Island in Floodland

First, make sure the radio tower is activated. It will be provided to you as part of the story campaign, you will not need to look for elements for construction in advance. By completing the prologue, you gain access to new mechanics. It is necessary to collect food, fresh water, and supplies. If the Prologue is missing, the corresponding mission will appear later.

After activating the radio tower on the island, go to the “Research” subsection located in the technology tree. You need to click on the “Restore Radio Tower” button. The organization of the expedition assumes that you have collected a sufficient supply of provisions. Otherwise, do not rush to send your settlers to unknown places, let them settle down in the current location.

Walkthrough Floodland: How to Get to a Different Island?

When the expeditionary sortie begins, you can set goals for your units. Your guys will report all the achievements in a separate report. If you wish, you can return them back. For this, click on the “Return” sub-button. The standard group size is three people, but several teams can be organized.

Gradually open areas where you can organize a personal vault. It is necessary for the accumulation of resources and subsequent use before the total migration of the population. These are the basics of this exciting video game Floodldand.

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