How To Pick Up & Move Objects and Bodies in Starfield

Interaction with the open world in Starfield is impressive, but players don’t always know what to press. Some mechanics are an integral part of the gameplay, but they may not be specified in the keybindings settings. And by reading this guide, you will learn how to pick up and move objects or bodies in Starfield.

You may need this mechanic if you plan to move an item without adding it to your inventory, for example, when you rob a chest and want to put everything out of it. And below you will find a guide that shows you which buttons to press to do this.

Starfield: Move Objects on PC РKeyboard and Mouse Controls 

move objects and bodies in Starfield

To pick up and move objects with the keyboard and mouse:

  1. Pick up an object: Hover over the cursor, press and hold the E key to take an object.
  2. Rotate: While holding the item, click the left or right mouse button to rotate it.
  3. Put the object: Release the E key to drop the object.

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Move and Rotate Objects on Xbox Controller 

Pick up and move objects on the gamepad:

  1. Pick up the object: Aim with the left joystick, press and hold the A button to grab the object.
  2. Rotate: While holding an item, use the left or right trigger to spin it.
  3. Place the object: Release the A button to drop the object.

You can only rotate an object along one axis, which means you need to put and pick up the object again in a specific orientation if you want to place it in a specific way. Thanks to this mechanic, you can place objects as furniture if you would like to decorate your outpost. You can also move bodies that are not in the right place in the same way. 

We hope this guide was helpful and that you figured out the mechanics without any problems. And while you are here, make sure to read out guide on planet landing mechanic.

Starfield launches September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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