How To Switch Weapon Loadout & Skins in CS2 – Counter Strike 2

In the new Counter Strike 2, players can choose between certain weapons that they can have or buy during the match. In addition, all the skins from the previous game have been ported to CS2, and some players may be wondering how to apply them. So in this guide, we will show you how to switch weapon loadouts and skins in Counter Strike 2.

When we first entered the new Counter Strike 2, we noticed that although it is very similar to its predecessor, some elements of the game have been changed, such as the new Loadout menu. We explored all the features of this tab in the game, so follow our guide to learn all about it.

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How to Change Skins and Weapon Loadout

When you enter the main menu of the game, you will see various options, but you will be interested in Loadout. Next, to change skins and weapon loadouts, you need to do the following:

  • When you open this tab, you’ll see the CT and T characters, and when you click on one of them, you’ll see boxes with the equipment your character carries, namely: starter pistol, other pistols, mid-level, rifles, as well as a music set, gloves, knife, etc.
  • If you look below, you’ll see a list of all your stuff. To equip a character with a certain item, weapon, or skin, simply drag it from this list to the appropriate box in the above menus.
CS2: Weapon Loadout

The items in the list at the bottom are also divided into categories, and this can help you when searching for a specific weapon in the menu. You can select what you need by clicking on the button on the top left. When you click on it, in addition to All Items, you will see the following categories: 

  • Starting Pistol: Here you can choose a pistol for counter-terrorists or terrorists, which is automatically issued in the first round.
  • Other Pistols: This option includes all guns except the starting gun. In addition, some pistols may differ for opposing sides, such as the Tec-9, which can only be equipped by terrorists.
  • Mid-tier: This tab includes various light weapons like SMGs. As with pistols, some weapons may only be available to equip for a specific side.
  • Rifles: Here you can choose one of the most commonly used weapons in the game – rifles. As with the aforementioned options, some rifles are available for terrorists and some for counter-terrorists, such as the AK47 and M4A4.
  • Agents: Here you can find various skins for your characters if you have any.
  • Gloves: As the name suggests, here you can find various glove skins for your characters.
  • Melee: Shows you all your available knife skins.
  • Music Kit: Here you can choose music sets that will change the music in the background, as well as a special soundtrack at the end of the round if you are the MVP.
  • Display: This tab shows you the medals you may have received for certain merits or completing seasonal missions.
  • Graffiti: An old feature since CS 1.6, here you can choose the graffiti that can be applied to the walls in the match.

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Counter-Strike 2 is available now on PC.

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