How to Unlock Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns

Among the 16 characters available in the game, Robomando is probably the most mysterious, as he doesn’t even appear in the character selection interface until you unlock him. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns. Compared to the others, the conditions for unlocking this secret character are much more difficult and require a lot of time and effort to complete. Without the proper knowledge, players are unlikely to know how to do it, but we know and will share it with you.

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Risk of Rain Returns: How to Get Robomando

Before starting your journey, it is worth noting that to get this character, you will have to complete 2 runs, each of which has certain conditions. So, choose the character you prefer, the Drizzle difficulty (required), and start your first run. Here is what you need to do:

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  • Play as usual to arrive at the Temple of the Elders (Stage 5).
  • In Stage 5, head to the large temple on the left side of the map.
  • Go to the lower left part of the building, where you can find a clay pot.
  • Approach the pot, break it and you will get the Strange Battery.
  • Complete stage 5 to move on to stage 6, the last one.
  • In stage 6, you’ll need to go to the right side of the map, where you’ll find a cliff and a cave to the left of it that you’ll need to reach. The main landmark will be the NPCs dancing near the boom box in the cave.
  • Approach the NPC on the left to find a secret passage in the wall above his head
  • Use the secret passage and follow the linear path until you find the Rift Chest.
  • Interact with the Rift Chest to place inside the Strange Battery you found earlier.

When you do, complete stage 6 or die, but do not exit the game to avoid losing progress. Regardless of your choice, select a character, but now change the difficulty to Rainstorm or Monsoon and start the next run to complete the following steps:

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  • Play until you reach stage 2.
  • When you arrive at Stage 2, find the Rift Chest to get the Strange Battery. The chest will be randomly spawned somewhere on the map.
  • Once you have the Strange Battery, continue playing until you reach stage 3 and kill the boss.
  • After killing the boss, go to the red portal and interact with it when the clock reads exactly 22:00.
  • This will take you to stage 4, where a small robot will spawn, which you need to find. You can spot it through the green arrow pointing to its head.
  • Once you find the robot somewhere underground, approach it and interact with it to activate by using the Strange Battery.
  • As soon as the robot comes to life, it will attack you, so don’t fight back and let yourself be killed.

That’s it, once you die after activating the robot, Robomando will unlock and become available in the character list.

Risk of Rain Returns is available on PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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