Northgard: How to Colonize?

The colonial aspects of this exciting strategy are poorly covered in the developer tutorial. Therefore, gamers want to understand how to colonize in Northgard. And this guide is here to help you. There are plenty of territories on the map, and you need to expand your own territories. This is the key to success in the game.

How to Colonize in Northgard

You should start with a careful arrangement of your base, where the necessary resources are accumulated. If there are no resources, it is pointless to seize new lands. Then consider the important things about your scouts, the first of which is control. Scouts go to uncharted lands to explore them, and this happens in a chaotic and random order.

The supply of provisions is always limited. Therefore, distribute food evenly so that it is enough for the next expansion. When the population increases, which is the case when the territory is taken, the costs increase dramatically.

Guide on Northgard Colonization: How to Colonize?

After sending a group of settlers, it may turn out that among the inhabitants there are many enemies who are unhappy with your invasion. It may be hard to deal with them. It is necessary to send soldiers who will deal with them. Otherwise, you will not achieve the final victory over your opponents.

The key industries are food production and wood processing. The woodworking industry will be required for a stable supply of wood to your treasury. It is necessary to increase the turnover, which will allow achieve a stable increase in raw materials.

The general Scandinavian setting is also felt in the development of the economic model of the game. Therefore, do not think that unlimited invasions will not lead to increased tension within your tribe.

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