Raft: How to Kill a Bird?

Unlike the shark and wild boar, which can be eliminated with a spear, the birds in this game are very agile and tenacious. It is the bow that is effective against them, which will help to kill the bird in Raft most quickly and efficiently. The distance varies from minimal to medium and far, and there is a time limit.

How to Kill a Bird in Raft

When the bird approaches, there will be a boulder with it. You need to shoot at it using your bow (aim a little higher), and the second shot will lead to the collapse of a giant stone. Sometimes you have to run after the target – holding down the Shift key on the keyboard helps. You need to eliminate flying mobs with maximum speed. You have about 20 seconds to hit the target, otherwise, the bird will hide.

If there is a hill or mountain on the way, the chance to direct the target increases. It means a perfectly predictable flight path, making it easier for you to further actions. In this situation, just shoot in the direction you want to drive the game.

The main difficulty lies in predicting the correct flight trajectory. It is better to plan the route in advance so as not to waste a lot of time. If you play in co-op, one gamer can organize an ambush, and the second to lure prey there.

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