Starfield – Enlightened Religion Guide

Starfield is a classic RPG from Bethesda, set in space in the distant future. The plot of the game tells us about the times after the big war between two factions, United Colonies and Freestar Collective. However, there are more factions than this, and in this guide, we will tell about Starfield enlightened faction.

Yes, in Starfield as well as in other Bethesda games, numerous things will be connected with factions, and in the future, you will have to choose one of them. Apart from the big factions like Crimson Fleet or Freestar Collective, there are smaller factions in the game. These are mostly religious groups. One of these groups is enlightened, and below we will tell you about it.

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Starfield Enlightened History

Starfield - Enlightened Religion Guide

Not much is known about this organization at the moment. According to Will Shen, Enlightened is an atheist group that does humanitarian and social work. They believe that life is something that everyone should be responsible for, so if they want the world to be a better place, they should do it.

Emil Pagliarulo said that the Enlightened are people who are atheists. They do not believe in any higher powers. On the contrary, they teach that people should take care of each other and put their preaching into practice through various outreach programs.

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How to Join Enlightened

Starfield - Enlightened Religion Guide

Enlightened is a religious group that you can join. To accomplish this, you must select the Raised Enlightened trait when creating your character. However, it is not yet known if Enlightened will be a full faction in the game.

Enlightened Location

There is currently no information on where this religious faction is located.

Known Members

There is also no information about the known members of this faction.

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