Starfield Planet Landing Mechanic Explained

Starfield developers said the game will have 100 star systems available for you to travel. Gamers are interested in how they can explore the planets and how the spaceship will help them with this. And this guide will provide all the necessary information about planet landing mechanic in Starfield.

You can land your ship on any planet, at any point (except for anomalies or water bodies), and you don’t need to look for a special port. A game zone appears around it, which you can explore searching for quests, resources, etc. And below you will find more information about this mechanic.

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Starfield: Planet Landing Mechanic

Starfield Planet Landing Mechanic Guide

In Starfield, you won’t be able to fly around the entire planet continuously because this game does not position itself as a simulator, so you will need to move your ship occasionally to be able to explore other locations and places. This is how Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios, comments on this:

We decided early in the project that the on-surface is one reality, and then when you’re in space it’s another reality“.

You can explore each of the planets completely by moving your ship. When you move far away from it, you will encounter an invisible barrier that will ask you to move your ship to continue exploring. The radius of the zone up to the barrier is 1 km, which is equal to 10 minutes of continuous running in one direction, which is not small.

The procedural generation and handmade content should work together to make you feel that each planet is alive and unique. Procedural generation means that the game fills in the planet as you approach it in your ship. Despite the randomized filling, each planet will have its own custom-made locations. But not all planets are like that, some of them are created entirely manually.

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