Victoria in Baldur’s Gate 3: Everything You Need to Know

When you visit Cazador’s Palace in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will encounter many mysteries, which are related to vampires. One of these secrets is the mysterious story of Victoria, who was not a vampire at all. Next, you will learn more about Victoria, her history, location, and use in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The corpse of a child will emit incredible necrotic energy that can harm everyone around you. Read below to find out more about what secrets the girl is hiding.

BG3: Victoria’s Story and Location

Victoria in Baldur's Gate 3: Everything You Need to Know

Victoria came to Cazador’s Palace not accidentally, but with her father Leon. The new apartment is infested with vampires, and the father sorcerer is desperate to get a single room where he can leave his daughter safe, away from the bloodsuckers. Despite this, one of the vampires named Dalyria still got to bite the child because she wanted to drink her blood, thinking that she could cure herself of vampirism. Of course, this was not the case, and immediately after Dalyria drank the girl’s blood, she was affected by the spell that Leon had cast on Victoria.

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The powerful necrotic magic worked so strongly that Dalyria threw up, without curing her of vampirism. Despite this, the girl was already dead and the only thing that reminds us of her to this day is her corpse, which still has a powerful necrotic aura that causes harm, even to those who are just nearby.

Even now, you can find it by visiting Cazador’s Palace, at these coordinates: X:-1300; Y:960. Once you get to the location, you can spot her by the specific turquoise glow she emits.

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BG3: How to Use Victoria`s Corpse

Even though the girl is dead, she can still help you in your travels. It may sound rather cruel, but you will need to take her corpse and take it with you, so having it in your inventory you will be able to deal damage to all enemies around you. You can use her corpse as a strategic component for future battles by placing it on the ground where the enemy will pass to deal damage to them. There is no other use for her corpse, so we recommend that you do not exploit her corpse and leave her alone, because there are many other things in the game that will help you in battles.

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