What is Anti-Tamper Technology in Marvels Midnight Suns and is There Denuvo?

At release, the new Marvel game received mixed reviews. The reason lies in the fact that performance is not that good. If you look at the ratings on Steam, most players give a thumbs down point. Also, the players are wondering what Anti-Tamper Technology is in Marvels Midnight Suns and is there Denuvo on release?

Marvels Midnight Suns Anti-Tamper Technology Security

Initially, developers did not report on additional security algorithms designed to provide resistance to unauthorized copying. However, Reddit users have discovered that there is indeed Denuvo protection. Since it is using the latest version, there is no way to bypass the software solution.

Therefore, the only solution is to purchase a licensed version. Hence the reason why Marvels Midnight Suns slows down on PC on almost any configuration. Having a flagship PC is not a panacea. This will obviously be fixed with future patches affecting the overall performance of the video game.

Why Marvels Midnight Suns is Laggy: is There Denuvo?

Having understood what protection is used on the release, you will not be able to bypass it in any way. Now many folk hackers are trying to do this.

However, you can understand that the embedding happened directly in the EXE file. As a result, it weighs about 400 mb! A huge size, caused precisely by the use of your PC computing resources to process encryption algorithms.

Otherwise, the tactical game turned out to be quite good, corresponding to the canons of the genre. If you like such games where you need to rationally use the capabilities of a huge number of units, then go and try it.

The graphics are nice and the destructible environment adds variety to the gameplay. You can wait for discounts, patches, FPS increases and bug fixes in the future.

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