Where to Find Summer Seed Bags in Fae Farm

Summer Seed Bags are not a specific item, but a general term for seeds that are used for growing crops. And next, in this guide, you will learn how to obtain Summer Seed Bags in Fae Farm.

A Summer Seed is a rather unique item that you can’t find, but only have to make yourself. Below you will find the necessary information on how to create and use Summer Seed Bags. 

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Fae Farm: How to Create Summer Seed Bags

Summer Seed Bags in Fae Farm

If you think of visiting Holly, a local seed vendor, you’ll be disappointed. The thing is that she only sells seeds that grow all year round, so Summer Seed Bags don’t fall into that category. Don’t worry, there is an alternative option, but you will need summer soil. This type of soil will allow you to grow crops out of season, so you can easily achieve your desired goal and get food. Fortunately, it is not difficult to make. Here’s the recipe:

  • Sand
  • Clay

After finding the right resources and completing the craft, you can continue on.

The next step is to turn your current crop into a summer crop. Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer will help you in this situation. Luckily, Holly will be able to help you in this situation, so head to her shop to make a purchase. Now, thanks to Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer, you can, for example, swap turnip seeds for carrots.

Here is the entire list of crops that you can only grow in summer: Carrot, Artichoke, Eggplant, and Cucumber. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to get Tea Leaves in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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